Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Griffin & Preston's Wrestling Match

Don't touch me...He's touching me!

Here...let me see your'll only hurt for a minute!

Ouch...not my eye!

I told you...NOT my eyes!

I'm telling you bro...I'm not going to take that from you!

We're totally innocent - nothing going on here mom
Preston & Griffin

I've got this completely under control!

I'm ready if you actually believe you can take me!

Momma...Griffin scratched me! - Preston

Okay...Okay...Griffin you get off me or I'll scratch you in the other eye...
That's right momma...I wasn't doing anything! - Preston
I've got to keep up my precious disposition for momma!
Griffin and Preston like to wrestle each other any chance they get. It's so cute watching them. They'll sit up by each other and then start touching each other. First on the arms and then the head and before you know it...they are on the floor rolling over the top of each other. You can't help but laugh. There's all kind of squealing going on and giggling. It's priceless. I'm going to have to get it recorded. I'd show you more pics but I don't want to bore you. I think from these pictures you kinda get the point. Love, Jenn


Moni Graf said...

Those are definitely some corn-fed farm babies! They're getting HUGE! I can't believe their teeth are coming in. Nothing so far in the Graf house.... But that's something I'm willing to wait for. Isn't it fun that they interact with each other now?

Love from KS,

Hilary said...

Too cute!!!