Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Fun!

Things are looking up...way up!

I love this...I even crack myself up! - Carson

Sometimes this sitting up thing gets a little old - Preston

You can't catch me...I'm a fast roller - Griffin

Can you believe all the things I have to put up with from my brothers? - Me either! - Claire

We're still enjoying the summer and our time together. We have some good times playing together on the floor with momma, daddy, Parker, & Carrie. All the attention around here never gets old! We all have two teeth now...well except for Preston. Hurry up brother...we're going to start giving you a hard time before too long. Hope you enjoy the pics. Oh...for those of you that don't know...Griffin got two teeth at the same time on Sunday night and believe us when we say this...EVERYBODY KNEW THAT GRIFFIN'S TEETH WERE TRYING TO POP THROUGH! Love, Jenn


Moni Graf said...

Crap....I just commented on your last post! Sorry!

Leanna said...


Your kids are cousins of my late husband, Greig Alvis, son of Jana Lee Payne Alvis of Weatherford. She told me she saw your family at the Payne Family Reunion, and I had to look you up on the Internet.


Are they all going to keep those amazing blue eyes?

Greig and I couldn't have kids. I am so very happy for you having these five beautiful kids! Greig would have loved to cuddle them.

God bless all seven of you!

Leanna Kysar-Mercer

PS: I've remarried (to Joseph Mercer), and changed my name. But, I'm still Greig's wife, if you know what I mean, and I still very much love the Payne family.

Anonymous said...

The picture of Carson laughing kills me. What a ham... The pictures are great. They make our day.

talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

AHHHHH teething!!! can you believe we have to go through this with four different babies at different times. Trey is going through it and i am certain his teeth are pure evil. They have taken away my sweet laid back little boy and replaced him with a very fussy little man :(
PS love the bow, my husband wont let me put them on the girls, i will win that battle soon.