Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cabin #3

Cabin #3 - Country Star

This is the kitchen and dining area.

This is looking upstairs to the crosswalk. Two bedrooms up.

We made room for the famous quad table.

Living area...oh yea...we had t.v. too.

This is where we ALL stayed. Downstairs. Rick, Parker and myself in the bed...the quads all the way around the bed.

On Thursday, we moved again to another cabin. Country Star. I bet you're wondering why we moved. Well, the lady that rented us Cabin #2 could only rent that one until Wednesday, but if we were willing to move again (just down the road) we could stay in another one of her cabins. Believe it or not...we didn't mind. This cabin was just as nice and even a little bigger. We were NOT roughing it by any stretch of the imagination! Love, Jenn

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