Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Paddle Boats

Beaver's Bend

Isn't it beautiful.

Paddle we come!

Okay...Load Up!

Are we ready?

And...we're off!

We've lots of things to see!

We'll be home for supper!

Notice how Parker is helping his daddy row since he can't peddle.

How sweet!

Having Fun with momma!

Corralling the babies on the shore

For one of our outings we went paddle boating. No, the babies didn't get on the paddle boats. Rick and I took turns taking Parker out on the lake. I quickly realized that when you don't have TWO people who are able to pedal, it gets tiring pretty quick! Rick and Parker loved it and I know they had a blast! They went all over that part of the lake. I hung out on the shore with the babies. I had planned on kicking back and reading a little but I spent the majority of the time trying to keep the dirt, grass, and rocks out of their mouths. Let me just say...THAT was impossible! I'm not going to gross anybody out...because you don't want to know about all the treasures we found in their diapers that night! LOL - Jenn

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