Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy 8 Month Birthday!

Yesterday...the Quads turned 8 months! Yep! Preston, Griffin, Carson, & Claire are already 8 months old. Time continues to FLY at our house. To celebrate their 8 month birthday we all (Dad, Mom, Parker and the kiddos) went fishing at Canton Lake. I have only ONE picture to show you of that experience and that is when we got home and they were stripped down to their diapers. WOW...that was a wild outing. When we got there it started to rain and so everyone and everything got wet. The babies got hungry and we made due with feeding them in the stroller...what a MESS! Parker had some serious problems with his fishing pole. Let's just say, Dad spent the majority of his time trying to get Parker's pole untangled and then back in the water. I casted my pole one time and got my lure hung up in some rocks and lost it! First time we ever used that lure! I'm thinking I've lost the touch! Rick couldn't get his new pole to work until he pulled out half the line and his old pole had some problems of it's own. I looked up at one point and noticed the reel was open and laying on the ground. I guess the whole thing came apart somewhere between Rick trying to keep Parker out of the water, his line in the water, and Rick putting a new lure on mine. We were trying to enjoy ourselves, but I have to admit it was a struggle. The babies kept eating all the dirt and grass they could find and so we kept needing to stop and clear their mouth out. Finally, I needed to call it quits. Rick said he didn't have a problem with that at all. We made record time packing everyone up, but we were once again such a spectacle that we had to spend the next 20 minutes explaining to a group of about 10 people how our family began and then got so BIG! We got home around 8:00pm with everyone screaming and we stripped them and cleaned them up. We lost their bottles for about 15 minutes so we listened to some major melt-downs until we found them again. We gave the babies their bottles and they finally went to sleep. We then got Parker in bed and Rick and I took some Tylenol and called it a night! I think we're going to wait a little while for our next fishing trip or maybe even find another hobby! Ha Ha! Believe it or not...we're STILL LAUGHING! Love, Jenn

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Hilary said...

Oh man I can only imagine how crazy that was...pole problems,lure loosing,and babies eating whatever they find!! I am sure it wasn't funny at the time :)