Monday, August 18, 2008

2008 Vacation to Eastern Oklahoma - Cabin # 1

Cabin #1 - Isn't it Neat!

The Payne Family has landed and taken over!

This is upstairs looking down at our "Make Shift" Bed/Play Zone

My two best friends - This black COOL couch and that Fan

This is Parker (sweating) and wanting me to explain why I think it's HOT outside!?!

Canoeing down the Glover River - Momma and Parker

Daddy and Parker off for some BIG ADVENTURES

You take care of the little ones...I got Parker under control!
Isn't that sweet :) :)

Ummm...Mom...this is a little TIGHT! - Preston

Are you sure you can get me clean? - Griffin

This isn't bad at all - I'm enjoying this - Claire

I'm a little nervous about falling on the floor! - Carson

The BOYS - Griffin, Preston, & Carson

Naked is Best when it's HOT! - Parker

I'm happy no matter where we're at! - Rick enjoying his morning.

Getting ready for bed - Carson with Rick, Griffin on the other side, Claire in one pack/play and Preston in the other.

Wow...where is everybody?

Hanging out!

Where's the toys?

I can play anywhere - Preston

BOO! - Carson

This is fun - Claire's the long awaited blog about our trip. We had a Great time...exhausting at times but relaxing at other times too! I doesn't sound like much of a vacation, but we had a GREAT time considering we have FIVE kids all under the age of THREE!

We left bright and early on Saturday morning (Aug. 2nd). We got the babies up, bathed them dressed them and gave them their bottles and were on the road by 7:00am. Like I said earlier it's a five hour trip, so we had planned on stopping at least once, maybe twice. Believe it or not, we made it ALL the WAY! Can you believe it? We couldn't! We even got lost and were in the car an extra 30-45 minutes. I was driving and Rick was reading the map! I told you that females are better navigators. Anyway, the kids were sooooo good. We got to our cabin and unloaded everything. We immediately starting feeding the little ones because they were STARVING! Then we made "Make Shift" beds and gave them their bottles and put them down for their naps. I went into town and grabbed us a pizza for lunch and some sandwiches for supper while Rick manned the fort. There is one store in Battiest, but it's pretty cool. It's a gas station, grocery store, restaurant, souvenir shop all in one. The people were really nice and were glad we came. I got back and Rick and Parker were famished! We gobbled down the pizza and then Parker and Rick headed out to EXPLORE. They went all over. Up and down trails, across a huge walking bridge, and also went up and visited the neighbors cows, chickens and goats.

Rick and I have stayed in this cabin a couple of times before. We loved this place. It was so QUIET, REMOTE, & QUAINT. Well, that was before I had kids and had a flucutation in my hormones. This time around I found it to be very REMOTE & pretty HOT outside (104 degrees with 90% humidity).

The first night we slept fairly well. Okay, I'm LYING. Parker slept with us in a full size bed and he was all over the bed. The a/c FROZE up and stopped working because I demanded on putting on the coldest setting. In order to hear the babies, I went into the next room where the babies were and tried to get some rest on the couch. Parker woke up and wanted to sleep their with me. Rick wanted to know if we all needed to move in there. I said NO...we all went back to bed and tried to make it through the rest of the night. Let's just say, I was glad when morning came.

Sunday...we awoke to the birds singing and it was so nice. We had a nice quiet breakfast outside and then Rick and Parker took off to do some more exploring. I bathed the babies in the sink! Don't you guys love those pictures! After that, we had play time and enjoyed the swing outside. Rick and Parker got back and we ate lunch and took off in the car to go exploring! We went down to Idabel and picked up some much needed groceries and made the good ol' Wal Mart run. On the way back to our cabin, Rick mentioned that if I wanted to stay in another cabin, we sure could. That sounded pretty good to me, I was missing central air condition. We toured the lake and looked around for another cabin. I made a few phone calls and found one. We went back to our cabin and enjoyed the evening! We read, talked, played games and visited with the owners of the cabin. Believe it or not, our last night there was really enjoyable and I felt kinda of bad for throwing in the towel and leaving...but I needed more space and air!
This is Part One aka Cabin #1.
Love, Jenn


Moni Graf said...

Glad you had a good time. That was a LONG vacation! The pics of the babies in the sink cracked me up....was there any room for water?! And it blows my mind how much Griffin looks like his daddy and Parker.
So....welcome home, back to civilization. I'd love to meet up somewhere down south if we ever head that way (or we could just plan something when the kids get just a little older). Sounds like way too much fun!

Love from your neighbors up north,

Sammy'smommy said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear you had a good time. The pics of you and Parker canoeing are great. The babies are all so beautiful and look so healthy and chubby!!! I love the sink pictures. Sophia hates being bathed in the sink, but your kiddos sure didn't seem to mind

Hilary said...

Glad that you guys had a great time..bummer about the heat!! The sink bath pictures are toooo funny! The made me crack up :)Have a great week