Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Parker Loves Vacation!

I'm just going to watch the fire daddy!

I'm thinking it's not big enough - I'm just going to add a little more wood

Nope...not quite enough Fire. I've got it going pretty good!

UH...OH...Hurry Quick...BIG FIRE...Grab the HOSE!

Hmmm...what is it dead or alive?

Let's just kick and stomp on it just to see what happens.

You wouldn't believe it if I told you.

Which way should I go?

Momma...are you out here?

I've seen quite a few things!

I'm SERIOUS it was BIG!

I'm not UP TO anything!

I'll be back later! Parker is OFF again!

Parker loved everything about vacation, especially the freedom to ROAM. We spent a lot of time sitting outside watching him explore the woods. You wouldn't believe the stuff he found and had to come back and tell us. I think he'll have some memories from this trip he'll for sure treasure. Love, Jenn

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