Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2008 Vacation - Cabin #2

Cabin #2

All settled in our cabin

New bathing technique - Now that's a MESS of babies!

Griffin getting HOOKED on cheese puffs

Carson was convinced I was going to take his!

Parker had to check out a few "Combine Pictures" just to make sure we understood want he wanted for Christmas.

Parker having fun in his "Personal Pool"

Just leave me here...I'm good!

Preston checking out a different place to sleep

I didn't get to sleep long enough - Claire kicked me! - Carson

More "Make Shift" beds

Okay...so where did I leave off. We packed up all our stuff after an enjoyable morning in Cabin #1 and headed for Cabin #2. We visited Beaver's Bend Resort and went to the gift shop and museum. After that Rick and Parker went to the nature center for a visit. They got to see all kinds of birds, reptiles, and other varmints. I asked Rick if he got any pictures, he said..."Honey, I'm sorry I sure didn't...it SMELLED so BAD in there that all I could think about was getting through it and trying to keep a smile on my face." I had to laugh! It started to get a little hot so we headed for the cabin. It was beautiful. Parker's favorite thing of course was his PERSONAL swimming pool. It was actually a hot tub but he had no idea. This cabin was very spacious and the babies immediately made themselves at home, along with the rest of us. The evening was spent hanging out, cooking steaks and roasting S'mores. We actually got back in our routine and it seemed like the babies kinda like vacation.
Love, Jenn

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