Monday, August 25, 2008

"Sittin' Pretty" Claire

I love my turtle...boys...don't even think about touching it!

Griffin...Preston...Carson...BACK OFF!

Trust me...I have a way with my'll be in trouble!

Okay...well maybe that didn't work...but there's always more time!

Claire loves her "Tummy Time" now. It's her favorite position. Isn't it crazy how time changes things. Claire loves to scoot and roll all over the place. She'll be crawling soon. A funny thing we've noticed about Claire. She loves to give the boys a hard time. She'll pull on their hair, kick them, chew on them, and pull their ears and nothing happens. The boys don't say a word. BUT...the moment they touch her...WOW...the SCREAMING FIT starts. I watched her and Carson the other day. He put his hand on her arm and she screamed and threw a fit. She does that every time and then looks around to see if one of us notice. I don't know...but I'm thinking she could be a MESS! Love, Jenn

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Latoya said...

This is such a cute post. Isn't it amazing how quickly they start showing their personality? The babies are growing so quickly and so nicely. Thanks for sharing!!!