Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mornings at the Payne House

Good Morning Momma! - Preston

What...I'm too EXCITED too relax my tongue! - Preston

Is it time to get up yet? I've been waiting. - Claire

GREAT!! - Yep...I'm ready...I LOVE mornings! - Claire

Hi Momma! Yes...I have "2" Lovies now!

You won't believe what went on last night! - Griffin

Hurry...Hurry...Get me OUT! - Carson

Look at this Smile...are you sure I have to wait!?!

Bath Time!

Just let me be...dress the boys first...I'm good!

Oh...Not the pants!

Where are my pants? - Griffin

This is hard work...I'm feeling restricted! - Claire this my diaper or does Preston have it? - Carson

I don't want to get dressed right now. - Griffin

I love my Momma! - Griffin

I told you I didn't want to get dressed! - Preston

Let's listen to my heart now...GIVE it to ME! - Preston and Carson

Ummmm...I'm really needing to see what the boys are doing...Can this wait? - Griffin

All dressed up and no place to go! - Claire

PRESTO...Don't we look CUTE!!!

Preston...not happy, Griffin...on the move, Carson...contemplating, Claire...jury is still out!

Let's get this party started!

What's your plan?

It can't be that bad...Can it?
Oh...No...I'm FALLING!!! HELP!!!!



Ummmm...What just happened? Are we done taking pictures?
Hey guys! I just thought I would give you a little PEEK at the mornings around our house. The kiddos LOVE mornings, but they are also temperamental too. Maybe...TOUCHY is a better word. I love mornings with the babies because they never fail to make me laugh and give me joy! I'll get you guys some more pictures posted tomorrow. Hope you had a good day!
Love, Jenn


Anonymous said...

I have never sent you a comment, but I just needed to let you know that all of us at Russell-Murray Hospice love seeing the pics of you and the kiddos. Not really sure why someone would post something bad about either you or Rick. That just really sucks. Please keep the pics and comments coming, we love them. Jean Ann

Alison said...

Look at those contagious smiles!! Your family is just adorable! Thanks for letting us peek into "Life in the Herd".

Lisa J said...

I have not been over to see the kids in a while, and can not believe how much they have changed and grown. They are so cute and really I am starting to see a little difference in them and can tell them apart " a little bit". Hope things are still going well and I hope to continue watching them grow. You are sooo blessed. I just love getting to see how your day goes!!! I am tired now.

Hilary said...


Those 4 babies are PRECIUOS!!!!!

Kristi said...

I can't believe how big they are!!! So adorable!!


Anonymous said...

Love the new pics of the kids!! So where is mister Parker during all the fun times with the little ones!! It is great to watch the kids grow up! You and Rick are doing such a great job and looks like they are not missing any meals girl!! Talk to you later!!
Juli Brenton-Mercy RN

Collegegirl said...

PRECIOUS!!! I am so glad that they are morning "little" people already. Have a great weekend!!

PS-I agree with Jean Ann, keep the picts coming. You are such a sweet family and I look foward to the updates :)

Sammy'smommy said...

Your family just radiates love and happiness. What a joy to see parents truly enjoying the blessing of children. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

We laugh every time we see the pictures...even you hands are full (both of you). Love to see more of Parker...I am sure he is growing by the minute too. Love S&B