Friday, October 24, 2008

Fun Fun Fun

I know...I know...I hated this thing when you used to put me in it...but now I LOVE IT!
All the babies love to play with the bouncer, especially Griffin. I'm not sure it will be something we can pass down to somebody else after the kiddos get through with it!

I prefer my stomach! - Griffin
It's hard to see, but Griffin's belly usually is brushing the carpet!

I thought it was supposed to recline like this.

Momma...Griffin is stuck in the bouncer again!
Griffin is notorious for getting stuck in the bouncer. He does one of two things...FLIPS OUT OF IT or SCREAMS until you figure out a way to pull him out of it.

Actually, I have 8 teeth! - 4 on top and 4 on bottom!
Let me think...NOT counting Rick's, Parker's or my teeth we have 28 teeth!!! AND we still have a TON to go! Our furniture, decorations, fingers, toes, and arms are never going to be the same!

Yep! That's right...I have the "World's Greatest Dad" - Preston
The kiddos love to go into Rick's office and spend time with him. He likes it too...well most of the time. He feels it's a little overwhelming when he has Parker cutting on the latest bank statements and telling him what bills need to be paid on the farm, Griffin pulling all the pens out of the drawer and trying to eat the calculator, Preston rearranging the decorations and eating the artificial plants, Carson getting into the trash and chewing on unopened mail, and Claire getting stuck under his chair and trying to push the buttons on the computer! BUT...he is still able to laugh about it. I think that's pretty good...don't you?

You wouldn't believe how long it took me to get this toy...

so NO I'm not sharing! - Claire holding on for dear life!

I've been right here to entire that wasn't me momma that just flipped the planter upside down and made a few bite marks in the Styrofoam pumpkins!

Parker and Momma have WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!


Moni Graf said...

Now THAT'S what I call a low-ri-der!

Marge said...

Ahhhhhhh, you talk about a good looking family, including dad and mom. The pictures just make me giggle cause they are so cute. The kiddo's just keep getting cuter and cuter. I love Parker's hippo towel. One of these days Rick won't have to do book work for the farm cause he'll have 5 little secretaries doing it for him!!! LOL They are so awesome. With the babies getting older, I know they have to be getting more and more fun. Jenn, thanks for sharing your family life with all of us. Appreciate it. Love and blessings to all you you...Marge

Following Him said...

5 cute kiddos plus the sweet parents :)!!!!