Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Hair Wolf" Fun!

My two "Life Preservers" - Crystal & Bridget
They are so good about keeping me connected with the outside world and keeping me sane!

My buddy aka Griffin's girlfriend!

Griffin & his girlfriend Bridget!

My Scary Crew!

We never leave home without the beast!

Nothing is better than hot dogs and cheese puffs

Maddie trying to keep the rowdy bunch under control!

Jaxen and Maddie looking too cute!

How do you like my spiders I made?

I like that pumpkin!

I'm thinking I could win a contest with this beautiful pumpkin! - Parker

Give me all of your CHEESE PUFFS and nobody gets hurt!

I've never seen these things before...they're kinda neat! - Preston

The world's best ring tosser - Parker

One cute little "Mummy" - Claire

Games, Games, and lots of fun!

Parker was quite the bean bag thrower!

This was our big rowdy group! We're missing two that came a little later.

Charity and Little Miss Muffet (Carrington) and her spider (Remington)

Our adorable scarecrow - Zavery

Lyndee or her little rooster - Harper!

I think Crystal may be at the end of her rope with me...I'm thinking she's going to give me up if I don't dry it up and that would be REALLY BAD! - Griffin

Batman aka Parker

This is my best friend Shandelle and her little buddy (son) Wryland

Claire and her much older boyfriend Konner

This past Saturday my sorority got together and had a little Halloween party for the kids. We had a great time and the kids loved it! They played games and painted pumpkins. They also got a jump start on all the junk food and candy that comes along with Halloween! I have to admit it was a little crazy to get everybody dressed and loaded. I'm starting to perspire again just thinking about it! I put the hitch thing that holds the stroller on by myself and also loaded the stroller. Are you IMPRESSED?!? Yes, I'm bragging and trying to convince myself that I can do this on my own. Some of you may be asking...where was RICK?? Well, he had to work the cattle Saturday along with Rex and Betty. And YES, he would of put the hitch and stroller on if he had known I wanted to take it. He was a little shocked and bewildered as to how I did that. It's my little secret...but I'll just say...you can get pretty creative when you're required. I was sure glad we made the venture because we all had such a great time. Thanks girls for helping me with the herd when I got there. It truly does take a village to raise the little guys. Love, Jenn


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, kids, costumes, games and tons of candy...My kind of party! It looks like everyone had a great time. Great to see the friends you always talk about.

Parker is a true BatMan! Miss you guys. S&B

Following Him said...

Glad you guys had a little HALLOWEEN fun! Parker looks so grown up as Batman! Hope this year's HALLOWEEN goes great! By the way, love the kiddos' shirts and what a girl loading and unloading by yourself!!!

Sammy'smommy said...

Oh how I love your blog and all of the cute pics. I just so enjoy seeing mommies enjoying being mommies. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PICS!!!

Jarrett Quads said...

Looks like you all had fun. Congrats on getting everyone up and out. I love the pics munching on the cheese puffs. Too cute.