Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy 10 Month Birthday & Momma Too!

Happy Birthday!
Pictures are so much fun to try to take!

Let's try another picture...well you be the judge!

HELLO! HELLO! HELLO! We're ALIVE and WELL!!! Can you believe it!?! We're still teething but the colds are over and I'm feeling better too! The pneumonia has just about left! SO....that leaves us with LOTS of SMILES and LOTS of ACTIVITY! WOW...keeping up with everybody is a FULL TIME JOB! 10 months old! I'm having a hard time believing it! Time is going by so FAST! (Well, except for the past month...I was thinking it was never going to end :) :)! ) So today is a HAPPY Day. I'm celebrating my 33rd Birthday with the Quads. It's been an enjoyable day and really a day of counting ALL of my PRECIOUS BLESSINGS! (Literally!) Parker is such a joy to have around and LOVES his babies so much. I used to worry that he would grow tired or jealous of them but he continues to amaze me with the LOVE he has for the little curtain climbers. Everybody is on the move...some (Preston) faster than others (Claire), but all of them move at their own pace! (Griffin & Carson). Growing? YES!!!!!!! I'll do a post of doctor pictures and weights. YOU won't believe it! Anyway, we're back! Thank you for all your great comments, prayers, love and support. Love, Jenn


Marge said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABIES AND MOMMA TOO. Such a sweet picture of momma and all the kids. Everyone growing like weeds including Parker. Jen, you and Rick have such a wonderful family. I think its soooo nice he wants to take care of the babies while you get out some. So glad everyone is feeling better now. Love all the pictures. Again, love and blessings to all of you. Marge

LeAnn said...

Glad to find your blog. Yes, you are blessed. What a beautiful family. I am so happy for you.

Following Him said...

HAPPY 33rd BIRTHDAY Jenn!!! You have five beautiful babies that adore you and a husband who loves you so much!!! I am so grateful that Parker, Griffin, Preston, Claire, and Carson have a mama like you!

Hope you had a great birthday!!!