Friday, October 17, 2008

Doctor's Check-up!

We're as ready as we're ever going to be...
has anybody seen my shoe?

Yep...that's right...HOME GROWN and PROUD of IT! - Preston

WHAT???? Where are you taking me...??? - Carson

Yes...I like to eat...and wear it too! - Griffin

100% adorable - Claire being her SWEET self!

Momma...don't make me do this!!! - Griffin pulling on my heartstrings!

Seriously...Can't you just check out my SHOE!!! - Carson

Yes...that's cold...and you're taking a little too long! - Griffin can't make a run for it! - Carrie holding down Claire & Carson

What in the you see anything? - Preston

If he only knew what I'm planning on doing when I check his throat! - Preston

Has anybody seen our clothes?

I'm prepared for the worst! - Preston

Nope...I have no final comments...let's just do this! - Carson

Don't look MOMMA...I think I just got MOONED!!! - Claire wasn't that bad...
can I have my clothes before he decides to check me out again! - Griffin

Last Friday, October 10th we had our 10 month check up. Carrie went with us and we had a great time! SERIOUSLY! The babies were so good! Dr. Stephens and his staff are really great and love our babies! I tried to snap some pictures this time, but I'm not going to lie...that's harder than what you think. Trying to keep the babies happy, out of things, and dressed is just about impossible! for the LONG AWAITED HEIGHTS AND WEIGHTS. YES...YES...YES...we GROW THEM BIG HERE ON THE FARM!!!!

Claire - 27 inches & 18# 3 oz

Carson - 30 1/2 inches & 24# 12 oz

Preston - 30 1/2 inches & 25# 5 oz

Griffin - 30 inches & 25# 14 oz

Go ahead LAUGH...LAUGH OUT LOUD! The boys are around the 95% percentile on the growth chart for height and weight! That is with NO...I REPEAT NO...adjustments for prematurity. So...for those of you that don't know about the growth chart. In a "nut shell"...that chart tells us that there are only around 5% of the general population that are this age and are BIGGER than my BOYS!!! WOW! Dr. Stephens just laughed and said they look great and are in proportion. I just shook my head...and then said to myself...GOD IS GOOD!!
Claire by the way is around the 25% percentile for her height and 50% percentile for her weight. She is doing such a good job at growing too!! All the babies are healthy other than that cold stuff we had and have no serious problems so far. Blessings upon Blessings! Hope you enjoy the pictures! the way...we took them out to eat after their doctor's appointment and they loved it! I wasn't quite sure about taking them out to eat because the only other time we did that was when they were really young and they spent the entire time in their infant carriers sleeping. Well, this time was totally different, but went really well. I thought I had the right thing in mind. I chose a table by the door because I thought that if the babies started acting up and making a scene we could just BOLT right out the door! Well, I didn't think about the other side of that idea. We were on DISPLAY because we were right by the DOOR! It was a little embarrassing but the kids LOVED being out and seeing all the people that I totally forgot about the craziness and just enjoyed the moment! We had some really nice comments made to us as different people left and it really made me realize that the MAJORITY of people LOVE BABIES! Isn't that a BLESSING...YOU GOTTA LOVE BABIES WITH ALL THESE BUNDLES OF JOY! Love, Jenn


Moni Graf said...

Happy birthday, Jenn! Look at all you've accomplished in your 33 years. You should be SO proud.

Those are definitely some corn-fed babies! I LOVE IT. I thought my babies were big, but yours take the cake (and the ice cream). Way to grow 'em, girl.

The pics were beautiful. I especially loved the one of you and Griffin. I'm partial to self-portraits ;) and you look SO gorgeous!


Following Him said...

Those sweet kiddos are precious! Love the doctor visit pictures and seeing them happy. Can not believe they are 10 months old!!!

Hilary said...

Wow they are growing GREAT!!!!! Way to go Momma! they are so cute!