Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Orange Glow!

Do you think I"m pretty? - Preston

Is that more food I see over there? - Griffin

That was SOO GOOD! - Claire

Pass some of that over here!

We've got this COVERED and everything else too!
I'm ready for seconds!
Finger Licking Good! - Claire

Cover my other eye and I could pass for a Pumpkin! - Carson

I dropped a little on my bib! - Carson
Okay...what did you do with the rest of the food? - Griffin

We're venturing out and letting the kids feed themselves more often and believe's more of an "ADVENTURE" than what you can ever imagine! I used to think...WOW Parker you really can make a mess, well WHAT WAS I THINKING? I wandered like you are right now...did they actually get anything in their mouth? Well, believe or or not...YES. They did really good about was just all the things they had to do with their food before they got it there. I keep telling myself...they've got to learn to feed themselves sometime...right??? Love, Jenn

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Marge said...

Oh goodness....these pictures are hilarious of them eating, and I love the one with their coats and caps on. I tell you they are developing personalities and that makes it so great!! Keep up the good work Jenn. Love and blessings again to all of you. Marge