Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We're Prepared for a COLD winter!

The natives were restless so I decided to take them for a stroll while we were waiting for Big Brother to get home. It's been a little chilly around here so I thought I would go ahead and bust out the winter clothes. Aren't the hats PRECIOUS!!! I know...I know...they are going to KILL ME when they are older and have to endure these pictures. BUT...why not enjoy the laughs now. Claire loved her hat and just looks precious in it. Carson (in front of Claire) felt like his hat was a little small, so between that and the issues he had with STATIC his hair and nerves were sticking straight out! Preston...(in front of Carson and behind Griffin) well as you can see...he was just "PUT OUT". He didn't really care about what he had to wear...he just thought it took entirely to long to get the beast (stroller) moving. He fell asleep before I even got down the driveway. Last but not least, Griffin (front and center) well...I left him for last because I had to stop laughing so I could actually type. I don't have to tell me...he has a BIG head! We've known this all the growth chart for head circumference. Anyway, the hat accentuates the OBVIOUS and I LOVE IT! He on the other hand HATED the hat and tried desperately to get it OFF! Parker got home and said ..."My babies all have hats on...neat! Ummm...Momma...why's Griffin look like that?" I don't know what he was referring to...but I was cracking up! Hope you enjoy! Love, Jenn

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