Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well...we don't really remember whose idea it was.

You're not really mad...are you momma?

How can you be mad at this face? - Preston

Thanks, Griffin...I'll take some more.

I'll never tell how we actually got them out of the cabinet! - Griffin

The BOYS made me do it...and eat them too! - Claire

HELLO MOMMA...we're just hanging out! Ummmm...no that's not really a PUFF in my mouth...it just looks like one! - Preston and Carson

Let me just get rid of the evidence for you! - Preston

Here...I'll take the lid...you take the bottle...hurry get the puffs!

Is this safe...I'm thinking there might be a better way.

We had a NICE & NEAT plan...SERIOUSLY.

I'm not saying a word...they keep giving them to me - Claire

Preston...you are not in CONTROL...I didn't get ENOUGH!

It looks like you did GRIFFIN...there is just a few left.

Yep...that's how it went...I tried to tell them not to do it...but they did it anyway. - Preston

I didn't eat ANY of them...I just watched! - Griffin

Here...let me take some pictures of the situation. - Preston

I know who did it!

Carson stuck them on my face...it wasn't me. - Griffin

Well...I'm just trying to help clean the mess up!

Hurry quick...grab them!

Are you being FAIR?

I don't think I got as many as you guys did.

It was the CRAZIEST thing! - Carson

I PLEAD the 5th

No...we didn't know you were still here momma.

Are you kidding...you're going to put them where? We'll never be able to reach them then!

When Momma wasn't looking...we got into the cabinet and found the puffs. We all knew what the plan was, but it didn't quite work out the way it was supposed to. We were going to divide them up equally between all of us but we got a little greedy. AND THEN Momma showed up!
WHAT A MESS! It was too FUNNY to not get some pictures of this CRAZY MESS. When I came out to the kitchen after putting up clothes, this is what I found. You wouldn't believe the looks I got and the FAST SHOVELING that took place. I still laugh when I think about it!
Love, Jenn


Sammy'smommy said...

I can't stop laughing and smiling!! So cute! Sometimes you just have to see the joy in the mess huh? Thanks for sharing. God bless!

Moni Graf said...

Oh my gosh. Ours LOVE the puffs, too! I have a few pics of them with the puffs stuck to their face as well. The parent's choice brand is also great (and cheaper).

Isn't it funny when they KNOW they're in trouble?! Loved the update.


Kristi said...

soooo cute!

Anonymous said...

These are great...Are you feeding those kids enough? Ha...right. Love S&B