Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You do it like this! your big brother!

He's a little FUNNY looking momma!

I can do it! - Carson

I'm thinking this surface might hurt my head! - Carson

You go ahead and do that...Carson...I'm out of here! - Griffin

Parker has been working with the boys to teach them to do a somersault. Carson has a natural talent for it. He crawls around and stands on his head all the time. He just hasn't figured out yet how to go ahead and get on over. We've had several people that normal for Carson to ALWAYS be doing that? I just laugh and say...THERE IS NOTHING NORMAL AROUND HERE! Love, Jenn


Following Him said...

Just not on the hard floor please! What a big brother Parker is :)

Kristi said...

Those of Carson and his headstand crawl remind me of Zach-he used to do that all the time!!!

They are all just so freakin adorable!!!

Kelsey said...

The somersault pictures are great!! I showed the girls in my office and they loved them. They wanted your address to your blog so they can watch the babies grow too! Thanks for taking time out of your BUSY live to post pictues because i love to see them!! love, Kelsey