Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy 18 month Birthday!!

Parker - My "Right Hand Man" Parker is such a great big brother. He loves his babies and he'll help you in any way. (Well...the bad diapers still bother him a little). Parker is good about playing with them, teaching them about everything...good and bad, and disciplining them. He knows and tells the babies often...NO NO...Now go to the CORNER. We really couldn't have asked for things to work out any better with Parker and the babies. Parker's favorite food is spaghetti and frozen popsicles. He loves his farm toys and scooter. His favorite past time is working with his dad. His favorite word??? I don't know...he talks all the time! If you want to know, learn, or need help working out a problem...Parker will tell you about it. I told him the other day, "Okay, Parker you're going to have to be quiet for a little bit...he said, "Okay, but you're going to miss me talking to you". I had to laugh and say...yep you're right! Thank you Parker for being such a GREAT BOY and BIG BROTHER! YOUR Daddy, Momma, & babies LOVE you!

Happy 18 months!

Preston - Baby A - He still lives up to his name and his position. Preston is in charge. If Preston isn't happy...nobody is happy. He has the ability to point and grunt at things and you'll find yourself getting it for him. (Or usually you're sorry you didn't) :) Preston has a great smile and is full of laughs and we love it when he decides to share those with us. He Loves affection...but only on his terms and time. He's independent to a point but would rather not have momma out of site. He likes to stretch you any time he has a chance to. He is the one that will test his limits and boundries. He requires little sleep and can't stand it when his brothers and sis don't wake up when he wants them to. His bed is now on a wall by itself, due to the fact that he can't leave anybody or anything alone. He's frequently on a mission and has lots to show and give you. He's a good meat, bread and fruit eater and tends to slide his peas and other vegs. to the left or right. His favorite word is NA-NA! His best time of the day is 10 am and his favorite toy is Parker's toy gun and a plastic bottle.

Griffin! - Griffin has turned out to be a very Happy Boy! He loves adventure and you will usually find him climbing or crawling on or through something. He is the reason Parker's playset no longer has a ladder and the slide is blocked. He loves climbing up on the playset and going through the tunnel and looking out. It's about 12 feet off the ground and I'm just not ready for that heart attack. Griffin loves to dig and play with trucks. He walks around the house making that "Brmmmm Brmmm" sound. He still has a dimple on each cheek and lights up the room when he smiles. He wears his feelings on his sleeve and is crushed when you get on to him. He loves to nap and his favorite time of the day is right after his nap - around 4:00pm. Griffin plays well with his brothers and sister, but still has his moments when he feels the need to breakdown because he's been "Wronged" He loves water but would prefer not to be next to Claire in the bath. He loves to eat. His favorite foods are grilled cheese and peas. His favorite toys - a tractor and a push popcorn popper...and...anything of Parker's. Griffin favorite word is MOMMA.

Carson - This is a very passionate boy. Carson is black an d white. Hot or Cold. On or Off. Extreme. He loves to look at books but it's a little too much for him to let you read them to him. He likes to jabber and listen to himself squeal. He loves to tickle his brothers and sister. He has a sweet giggle and plays peek a boo and hide and seek all the time. He can't stand for someone to take a toy away from him or have something he doesn't. He is a good "fit thrower" and "fighter" when it comes down to it. He is a paticular eater. He usually is the one that stays clean at all meals. He loves bread and fruit. His favorite toy...hands down...a toy flip phone. Touch it and get ready for a fight. His favorite word is Da Da. He's also very good at directing everybody to "Sit Down". His best time of the day is 6:00 pm and he loves chatting with his brothers and sister in bed. His favorite past time. Shaking his crib! WOW...can he shake that thing! Carson loves to be held and snuggled with.

Claire - What can I say? She's really ending up being a LOT of Fun. Claire is pretty independent and likes to play by herself quite a bit. She struggles with her brothers at times but is very capable of holding her own. Claire still tends to pinch, pull hair and bite if needed. She's spend at least a few minutes of every day in the corner for biting one of the boys. She's even been known to bite Parker because he wanted to pick her up and she said "NO" She has a very high pitch scream and you have the chance to hear it if things don't go right. She loves her "Ride On" toys and loves when her brothers push her around on them. Claire's favorite time of the day is in the morning. She loves her snacks and is crazy about Cheetos. She'll skip all meals for green beans and fruit. Her favorite word is "Boo" or "Mum". She is easily excited and expressive when playing. She is a very cautious person...I think that comes from being around her brothers. She can walk and will do so, but only if her brothers are not around and she can take the time to make sure she's safe. This cracks me up...because she is also the one her flips herself over the back of the chair to get in the toy box when the boys are in the way. Are crazy life would not be complete without little sister.

Well, that's far from being it, but I wanted you guys to know a little bit about each of these guys. Several people tend to wonder if my kids are similar. My answer is no. Parker, Preston, Griffin, Carson, and Claire are so different that you will never have a dull moment! Happy 18 month birthday! WOW!! I can't believe it's been that long...I also can't believe we've made it! (Ha Ha!!) Believe it or not...I STILL wouldn't trade ANY ONE of them off or change the experience for anything. We are the luckiest and most blessed people I know! Love, Jenn.

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