Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Watch how far I can swim! - Parker

I Love diving for these things! - Parker

Mr. Parker showing some of his swim moves!

Preston - "I'm thinking about getting in but I kinda like soaking my feet!"

Who likes the pool? - "ME!" Carson and Griffin

Okay...maybe I'll get in for just a little bit. - Preston

Swim Swim Swim...nope...I'm still swallowing half the pool! - Claire

Yes...I love this - Please let me stay longer. - Carson

On the count of three...everybody dive in! - Carson

Play Time!

The kiddos with my good bud Crystal and her daughter Kodee

I'm good right here on Crystal's lap! - Preston

So...you really like it that much? - Carson and Preston

How cold is it? - Claire

That's pretty funny...Claire

Watch me go under momma! - Parker

Girlfriends just hanging out! - Kambri and Claire

I'm surfing! - Carson

I'm only getting in with goggles! - Preston

Pool...look out here I come! - Preston

Ha Ha!! I LOVE this! - Griffin

What...no I'm not ready...I've got a lot of playing left to do! - Griffin
OFF WE GO!!! - Parker jumping off the diving board!

Preparing for another dive! - Parker
Last Wednesday, after the kids got up from their nap I decided to take them swimming. Well, actually my bud Crystal talked me into it. After all...it was the quads 18 month birthday. After I found swim trunks and a swimsuit for everyone we loaded up. We really had a good time! The babies loved it. Crystal, Kodee, Kambri, Nick, & Parker all helped me watch the little guys. WOW...can they move. Parker got to show me all his swim moves that he's been learning at swim lessons the past few months. That's the most amazing thing...he used to be TERRIFIED of the water. I was exhausted by the time we left but it was well worth it. I learned a few things...Next time...I'm bringing more toys, a few snacks, drinks, and floaties for everybody. Oh and... a water-proof bag for Crystal's cell phone. (Love you Crystal!) Shhhh....she dropped her cell phone in the POOL when she was trying to catch one of the quads from going under. CRAZINESS! Like they all say...it takes a village to raise kids and I'm taking advantage of this village! Love, Jenn


Kelsey said...

Wow, you are brave! The babies and not looking like babies anymore. We are all moved in now into the new house. Due let us know a night you want to drop the kids off while you guys go eat. We are up for the challenge! --Kelsey

Kenna Wise :) said...

So darned cute! I know all about how loaded these little ones are with energy. I do well to keep up with two, but four?! You go girl! You are in my thoughts! xoxox