Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Prayers are being answered!

Hello! I just wanted to let all of you know that Preston and Claire were discharged today!!!! We are so EXCITED!! The doctor came in this morning and felt like even though the blood levels on the kiddos weren't great the were slowly improving. He felt that maybe their appetite would improve if they were at home. We got them out of the hospital around 5:00pm. Betty (my mother in law) and Rick took them home. Rick said they acted really glad to be home and went right into play mode with their toys. Carson was a little startled to see them and wasn't quite sure about it. Parker was really happy to have them home but still misses Griffin. I stayed at the hospital with Griffin. He's still not feeling well, although he enjoyed today. One of our dear friends, Mark came this morning and stayed until after supper to help out. Griffin loves him...and loves to go on wagon rides with him. They will draw lab on Griffin at 4am and the doctors will go from there. They are considering doing a kidney biopsy to check the damage of the kidney. They want to wait to see what the lab reveals tomorrow. Pray that he will turn the corner. Preston and Claire will follow up with our local doctor on Friday. If there is a problem with any lab they will notify the neurologist. It's nice to be on the road to healing. I'll keep you posted on Griffin's progress. Love Jenn


Kenna Wise said...

Prayers for continued healing. I can't wait until you have all your babies healthy at home again! God Bless. Love ya tons.

Moni Graf said...

Poor baby, Griff! I wish he could be at home with his siblings, too. All in good time.

The story of the overheard nurse's conversation about Claire had me giggling! Soooo cute.

Hang in there Rick and Jenn....there are lots of people praying for your family!


Hilary said...

Glad that two are better hopefully Griff will be home soon..Praying for you guys!!!

The Carlsons said...

Praise God that Preston and Claire are home! Yay! Praying all goes well with them back home and continuing to pray for Griffin! Praying his kidneys are not damaged, he is getting better and can get home with everyone else. And always praying for you two, just in taking care of each other and the kids!! Praying for peace and rest for you!

Thanks for the update!
-fellow quad mom of 18mo GGGG and a 5yo boy