Thursday, December 27, 2007

Helping Out

All I Need is CLAIRE
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Hi everyone! Hope all of you are doing good. We are doing really well here at the house. We have all adjusted to the routine so far. Parker is even helping out with the feeding and holding times. Parker is doing so good and he loves being the BIG BROTHER. All we're missing is Claire. Rex and Betty went in to see her today. She continues to do really well. She gained more weight and is up to 3# 4 ounces. The boys have their first doctor's appointment tomorrow. We will venture out to Edmond (about 1.5 hours away) if the weather permits. Hopefully, everything will go well. Rick continues to search the internet and talk to different car dealerships about a bigger vehicle. We just can't get all of us to fit in the Explorer. If any of you guys have recommendations about a bigger vehicle let us know. Thanks, Jenn


Juli said...

Looks like you all are doing so great. Hope everything goes well with doctor visits for the boys. I worked wed day and I went and saw miss Claire. She looked like she was all snuggled in for the cold day. I miss seeing you all up at the hospital but so glad that you guys are home together. Tell Mr.Parker Hi. Talk to you all later.

Tambi said...

Hey Payne Family its great to see everyone doing so well. I hope everyone can come to RMH for a visit. Debbie's friend Grady works at a car dealership and he can help you guys with a car. His name is Grady White and the # 485-3333. If you call and ask for him make sure you tell him you work with Debbie Palmore and that you just had 4 babies and he will help you guys out. Talk t ya soon.