Friday, December 28, 2007

Ready for the doctor

Hi everyone! Today we ventured out to Edmond to take the boys to their first doctor's appointment. We went to see Dr. Kelly Stephens. He is wonderful. A real hometown type of guy. The boys are doing great. Preston weighed 4# 10oz, Griffin weighed 4# 13oz, and Carson weighed 4# 5 oz. Dr. Stephens really felt they were doing really well and said unless we have problems our next appointment for the boys will be in 2 months. On the way back we stopped to see Claire. Rick stayed in the car with the boys and I got to enjoy some mother/daughter time with her. Claire is up to 3# 5 oz and looks great. Rick had a hard time not getting to see her today, so he is planning on going up there tomorrow. We made it home in time for the boys' 6pm feeding and believe it or not we stayed on scheduled. (Well...pretty close) The boys are exhausted and so are dad and I so I think we're going to call it an early night...well at least until the midnight feeding. Love, Jenn


Kelsey said...

The boys were beautiful! I really enjoyed getting to see them and hope their sister is home soon! Let us know if you ever need anything latter on. Kelsey

Hillary said...

Jennifer you look great! The babies are beautiful! I am praying for Claire. When I come to Oklahoma I will venture to Thomas to visit! Congratulations & Best Wishes!

shanicey elwick said...

hey jennifer. looks like you have it all under control. you are so lucky. i look at those beautiful babies and think of how God has smiled down on your life. what a blessing to be chosen to take on this great venture. your little girl just likes her alone time, that's all. she is getting some "time with me", this will be her first and last time for that!lol please call me as soon as your little cuties are ready to be held and rocked. i promise i won't kiss them until RSV season is over!!! shanicey

Shae said...

Jenn... these pics are awesome! Looks like you guys are really do well and you look GREAT! WOW!
I am ready to help when you need me, just call! What's the lastest on Miss Claire? Bet she'll be home before you know it!
I will talk to you soon!