Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our "BUD" Bridget

Bridget with the "HERD" - Preston, Carson, Claire, and Griffin

We LOVE our "Bud" Bridget. As many of you already know, Bridget is GREAT! Since I was on bed rest she has been making tracks to my house to help out. I think by now she could drive that route blind-folded. She's watched movies with me when I was on bed rest, cleaned, put up WAY too many Christmas decorations, worked on the babies' room, sorted clothes, fed us, pampered us, and stayed the night with the babies when I was in the hospital and when I needed a break. She makes it a point to come out every Wednesday night while her kids are at church and she even tries to help out on Fridays when she is off work. As you can see...She's AMAZING! The best part about Bridget is the love she has for my FAMILY! She loves Parker and those babies like they were her own. Thank you, Bridge...for ALL you do! To ALL of YOU that have HELPED OUT with visits, prayer, calls and support THANK YOU!!! It means SO much and we are FOREVER Grateful! Love, Jenn

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