Saturday, October 18, 2008

Daddy's "HOLDING DOWN" the fort!

Momma...we're good!'re going to have to come to me...I've got my hands a little full!

Wait a minute...where are you going?

Wait a out...get off her foot...'ve been on daddy's lap long enough! - Griffin taking Preston OUT!

One big CRAZY family!

My sister came down this past week and I went in Wednesday night to spend a little time with her. Rick...the sweet guy that he is...stayed home with the babies. He told me that he had everything under control. I laughed! I snapped a few pictures of the "CONTROLLED SITUATION" as I was heading out the door. I went ahead and took Parker with me...I thought that was the least I could do :) :) :) Love, Jenn


Following Him said...

What a guy!!! Looks like the herd plus Parker are keeping daddy busy :)

Anonymous said...

you guys are great parents.